Saturday, January 5, 2013

Welcome to Opportunity!

Continuing education for dental office managers
We are excited to bring you our new blog - filled with resources and information to assist you in exceptional dental administration. 

Opportunity was founded in fall 2012 with the goal of supporting the role of the dental administrative professional and offering training and certification to those interested in dental office management.

Our mission is to establish and promote the dental administrator as a profession, with certification and continuing education. 

You'll find a variety of half-day and full-day seminars developed with the dental administrative professional in mind. Our affordable classes are based in the Portland-Metro area, and are available quarterly.

Be sure to register for our debut event, featuring Dr. Roy Shelburne, speaking on the importance of accurate dental charting, coding, and billing. He will share his harrowing experiences of losing his dental license, practice, and spending time in prison due to inaccurate dental charting and review common billing errors. This unique seminar is available for a special rate of $39.00 per person, with office and student rates offered.

Visit our website at today to learn more and view our upcoming 2013 events!

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